Two things have kept me from making this post, but only one of them is probably acceptable.

I have not felt well and the last thing I’ve wanted to do was blog. In the midst of that, too many things have been going on at once. But the biggest block to updating with my May Foodie pen pal was that I couldn’t find the memory card for my camera! I took it out in order to get the pictures off and then I laid it down on top of my book case (why I put it there, I’ll never know) and because it’s higher than I am, couldn’t see it to easily find it! This required me to utilize my memory for recall – which is why it took me so long to find it.

Anyway, I remembered last weekend, just in time to take my camera to a friend’s wedding and I’m finally posting the items I got from my May Foodie Pen Pal, Angie .

Foodie Pen Pal Swap – May 2012

I love everything she sent me. She sent a lot of items from her home state, North Dakota and I especially loved the sunflower seeds! One package were chocolate covered and the other were crunchy candy-coated. The honey sticks were a favorite of the boy! I haven’t had the coffee yet but plan to give it a try this weekend. She also included a plant in a can! Such a cute idea. You pop the top off, water it and up comes a basil plant. I love basil and the boy and I are looking forward to watching this little plant come alive! She also sent 2 Lara bars. Yum.

To see what other people got in the swap packages, head over to Lindsay’s Blog to check it out.